ReadMe 1st


Thank-you for your interest in the Virtual PC.  Can you believe I've been using this Virtual PC since 2001?  That's why it still looks somewhat like a Windows XP Computer. lol

I've always had a facination with virtuality and melding reality with virtual reality.  This Virtual PC is my attempt to make a computer that doesn't really exist actually usable and useful.

 I recently updated the PC to make it a bit more "modern" as well as to increase functionality.  In addition, I've decided to make the Virtual PC free and open to the public.

Please feel free to check out the Virtual PC and bookmark it for your own use. If you find it cool or useful, you can share it on various social media via these links:

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How To Use the Virtual PC

In case you couldn't tell, the Virtual PC is not a real computer. lol.  Although it looks and behaves somewhat like a real PC, it is essentially a gateway to access various online tools, software and apps.  It's also full of surprises and may contain Easter Eggs, as Inter-Active Arts is still essentially a game software development company. ;)

The Users Folder is currently not functional but will allow supporters to customize the background of their Virtual PC and have access to their own private storage location.

The Software Folder has various online programs that I've found to be quite useful. If you know of other online apps that others may find useful, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know about it.

The Games Folder has online games that I found interesting and worth sharing. I've also made available online versions of games made by Inter-Active Arts.

The Downloads Folder has various programs that you can download and install into your own computer.

The icons on the desktop bring up various website apps as expected.  In addition, the icons on the bottom taskbar will also call up various websites and tools.

If you notice any broken links or apps, please don't hesitate to contact me at:


- Denoy DeBoer


If you enjoy the Virtual PC or any other Inter-Active Arts projects and would like to see continued support, development and updates, donations are greatly appreciated and may be made here: